NDMUOnline has a new LMS. 

For Spring 2021 courses, go to


  • You will no longer have to use multiple LMSs -- all courses supporting our on-ground and online programs will be conducted on Brightspace.
  • You will no longer have to remember multiple passwords. Brightspace uses single-sign on. You will use your NDMU email credentials to log on.
    *If you are already logged into Office 365, you will be automatically logged in to Brightspace. If you use Office 365 at multiple places (for instance NDMU and work) you may find the system gets confused. 
    • OPTION 1: Sign out of Office 365. You may need to also clear your cookies/cache in your browser.
    • OPTION 2: Use an incognito (Chrome) or Private Browsing (Firefox) window.
  • Enrollments are automatically transferred from WebAdvisor to Brightspace in real-time 24/7, 365 days a week.
    • If the class has been made available by the instructor then you will see it.
    • if you drop the course it will not linger on your dashboard.

Moodle will be sunsetted in Spring 2021.

Please download any course submissions and other content from Moodle that you do not have saved to your personal drives. Once Moodle is closed down, we will not be able to access those items for students.